Invitations to Creativity

Jul 14, 2016

art.pngInvitations to Creativity

Art is a wonderful way for young children to explore and learn, while tapping into their imaginations and expressing themselves in a tangible way. To encourage a child’s creative experience through art, parents should keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Make art a part of playtime. Keep a supply of paper, stickers, crayons, washable markers, washable paints, and play dough for children to use during the day.
  2. Art should be about the process, not the finished product. Avoid giving specific instructions on what to make with the materials; instead, allow your child to decide what to make, how to make it, and when to consider it “finished.” Instead of asking your child, “What is it?” say “Tell me about your picture.”
  3. Offer a variety of materials. Paintbrushes aren’t the only tools that can be used for painting. Items such as feathers, cotton swabs, sponges, or even old toothbrushes will do the trick.
  4. Display your child’s artwork. Whether it is displayed on your refrigerator, a bulletin board, or another designated space, your child feels a sense of pride and accomplishment when you show appreciation for what she has done.
  5. Prepare for a mess. Sometimes art can be messy, and that’s ok! Move the art outside when possible--coloring and painting outdoors can create an entirely new experience!

PARENTING TIP: Collect a handful of your toddler’s pictures/paintings in a binder to create a wordless picture book. Encouraging your child to make up stories about the pictures is a great way to practice early literacy skills.


This is an article by Parenting Educator, Melissa M.

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