Managing Parental Stress

Jul 12, 2016

bigstock-Stressed-248446.jpgManaging Parental Stress 

You all may have figured out by now that being a parent is not easy and stress seems to be an everyday thing that we sometimes cannot shake.  Last year child developmental researchers revealed data showing how much of a harmful impact our stress can have on our children.  So if we were not feeling stressed before, we definitely are now! 

Fortunately there are many ways that you can start to alleviate your stress.  Acquiring and using stress management techniques are beneficial not only to parents, but these same techniques are those that therapists and educators have found to be invaluable to children. Below are some “proven stress reducers” that may be familiar to Partners In Play families!  So try them out for yourself and then turn around and teach them to your children.

  • Deep breathing – everyone can benefit from taking 10 deep breaths!
  • Progressive muscle relaxation – practice before bedtime
  • Always have a backup plan
  • Unplug your phone…and play!
  • Get enough sleep – so crucial not only for our children, but also as adults
  • Write your feelings and thoughts down – the cathartic power of our own words
  • Try a diversion if you are stuck at work, or as we strategize with parents, try redirection!
  • Talk it out
  • Every day do something you really enjoy!

TIP:  Reducing parental stress has benefits not only for us as parents, but benefits that are twofold for children: they can learn how to reduce their own stress and they are better off emotionally when they do not feel the negative effects of their parent’s stress.

If you are finding that your stress as a parent has become too much, we are here to help. Parental stress can make the normal ups and downs of raising children seem like insurmountable challenges; so let our specialized child and family therapists assist to make things easier and more manageable.

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